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(NOTE: The following article should not be construed as a political endorsement. The article is not meant as criticism or praise for any political party, ideology, or philosophy. Any interpretation as such is strictly on the reader. But I shouldn't have to tell a smart and savvy audience that, should I?)

Today on #GetTrekucated's Superfans: 'Stacey Abrams: The Woman Who Took Star Trek to the Political Arena'

So we've visited superfans who create, cosplay, and preserve Star Trek fandom in various forms.

How about we visit a superfan who takes lessons learned from Star Trek into their jobs? There's plenty.

But what about someone who takes those same lessons to better their communities, or even their state and country?

That's where we find our next superfan.

Stacey Yvonne Abrams is a former lawyer and author turned American politician. A member of the Democrat Party, she served in Georgia's House of Representatives from 2007 to 2017, even serving as the minority leader from 2011 until her last year in office. She made history for being the first black female major-party gubernatorial nominee in the history of the United States.

Recently she ran for the position of Governor of Georgia, but did lose to Republican Brian Kemp.

Nowadays she runs Fair Fight 2020, an organization dedicated to building voter protection teams.

So how did this politician apply Star Trek to her political career?

As a lifelong Star Trek fan who can pull obscure plot points out, loves The Next Generation, and and admires Captain Janeway, cites an influential TNG episode to explain her approach to politics. It was the time when Data took on the Zakdorn strategic master Kolrami in a game of Strategema. (TNG Season 2, Episode 21, 'Peak Performance')

Data, when defeated by Korami during their first bout, had a crisis of confidence. Rather than remain defeated, he meet Korami in a rematch, and won by using a different tactic. Rather than defeat Korami, he sought out a win by attrition, frustrating and countering the Zakdorn until Korami gave up.

The takeaway Stacey took from this episode is to 'Change the Rules of Engagement', a lesson she's used well as a Democrat in a largely Republican dominated state.

She further deepens her geek cred by writing romance and adventure books featuring women of color.

But her true love is science fiction and politics, which marry well into her career.
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Today on #GetTrekucated's Superfans: 'Jens Dombek, The German Spock'

Just so we don't get stuck in the pattern of determining a superfan by what they have, we at Get Trekucated decided to switch it up. Because you don't have to be rich, be a handyperson, or a whiz-bang engineering genius to be a superfan.

Sometimes all it takes is a uncanny likeness and a dedication to perfection in a role.

Which brings us to The German Spock, Jens Dombek.

(You'll have to bear with me. Some of the information I found in my research was from articles written in German, so I may lose a detail or two in the translation. I apologize in advance.)

One would say he was born for the role! His birthday is January 17th (17.01 if you go by your dates European style!).

In an interview, he stated he got into Star Trek by the mid-70's, when he'd catch 'Starship Enterprise' on the channel ZDF on saturday nights. One character he was drawn to the most was Spock, and he would try to imitate Spock with paper ears and practicing the Vulcan salute (which he'd yet to master).

He would get his first success as a Spock impersonator at American Carnival event, beating more than 1,000 competitors in a costume contest where he and his friends dressed up as an away team from the Enterprise, with Dombek as the iconic vulcan himself.

He would keep perfecting his look until the first Destination Star Trek Germany, where William Shatner told The German Spock about Dombek's uncanny likeness, mistaking him for a young Nimoy.

And if you've seen him in person there's no doubt. The likeness is uncanny!

Nowadays, he tours conventions worldwide as 'The German Spock'. You can follow him on Instagram and facebook (with links below).

Who says you can't do what you love all your life? He's clearly doing it!

Not that he's just a man obsessed with Star Trek and Spock. He's also a photographer and a martial artist.

I had the privilege of meeting this man at Vul-Con in the summer of 2019, and he not only looks like he stepped out of the Desilu Studios makeup department ever time he dons the eyebrows and ears (which he admits in interviews requires a lot of effort to get just right), he's a class act all around.
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Get Trekucated
Today on #GetTrekucated's Superfans: 'Line Rainville, The Fan Who Built the Bridge in his Basement'

How many of you wanted your very own Enterprise bridge in your house?

Some dream it. Others do it. And that's where we find Line Rainville, Star Trek superfan who built her own Enterprise Bridge themed home theatre system in the basement of her home.

And he didn't even stop there.

Before long, his basement project turned into a Star Trek themed basement suite you wouldn't want to leave!

It starts with a TOS Enterprise themed home theatre, complete with big black comfy chairs facing the 'viewscreen' a big screen tv, and lined to the walls with instrument panels.

But why stop there?

Off to the side is a 'captain's quarters, with a star trek bedroom and a star trek desk decorated with original series themed decorations. There's even a transporter room inside!

And to cap it all off, a Star Trek bathroom with authentic door arches and a shower with the Starfleet delta tile work.

It's a project that cost the 56 year old superfan over $30,000 to create her slice of Star Trek heaven.

Despite all the efforts, the time spent in research, in crafting, and in assembly, Line Rainville is a perfectionist who could spot every imperfection, and apologizes for the imperfections she can list off.

Not that one would care about the minor, in-perceived flaws. The effort alone is worth noting and it's a passion project one can readily admire.
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Get Trekucated
Today on #GetTrekucated's Superfans: 'Liu Dejian: The Man Who Built the Enterprise'

Star Trek has inspired many people in the S.T.E.M. fields over the years. While some are content to let their love for Star Trek take them into engineering and the sciences, others take a more entrepreneurial route.

And that is the case of Liu Dejian, founder of the Chinese software company NetDragon Websoft, and one of the executives that sits on the board of Chinese e-commerce giant Baidu.

Such a big fan of Star Trek was he that he wanted his very own USS Enterprise.

And since we didn't have the technology to build one.. he had to settle for a Enterprise themed building in the heart of Changle, China.

Construction on the giant starship building started in 2010, and was completed in 2014, at a cost estimated between $97-$160 million dollars.

And what a building it is! Not only does it house NetDragon Websoft, it also is home of Stan, a T-Rex dug up in South Dakota in 1987.

Outside the building are impressive sports facilities, with a soccer field and tennis courts!

FUN FACT: The building is also officially licensed. When Dejian sent the proposal to CBS, the studio thought it was a joke... up until they saw the very real and very serious legal documents requesting such a building be made.

It appears CBS was cool with the idea, and it has since become an architectural curiosity and the world's only officially licensed starship replica building.

And as for Dejian himself... his success as a tech mogul and one of China's wealthiest tech entrepreneurs speaks for itself.

Who said geekdom wasn't the way to riches?
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This Week on #GetTrekucated: 'Star Trek Superfans'

You think you're a big fan of Star Trek?

I can guarantee you you've got nothing on these fans, and there's no shame in admitting it either. These are fans that take being a Trekkie to a whole new level!
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Get Trekucated
Today on #GetTrekucated's Board Games: 'Kadis Kot: From the Alpha Quadrant With Fun!'

The crew of the USS Voyager had a lot of time to kill. But not everyone was into kal-toh. It wasn't a game for everyone, being so esoteric and complex. Sometimes you want a simple, fun game the whole family can play, but challenging enough to master well into adulthood.

Introducing Katis Kot, the family-friendly board game that wiled away the hours in the Delta Quadrant.

Katis Kot is played on a hexagonal grid board, stood up and slanted like a battleship board. There were three different types of gamepieces, color co-ordinated; red, green, and orange. The player would call out the color they choose, then the grid co-ordinates, and place a game piece. Then the opposing player could declare a countermove and move one of the pieces on the board to counter it. There's an estimated eleven orange, twenty-four red, and twenty-three green pieces, and the game is supposed to accomodate up to five players. (VOY Season 6, Episode 18, 'Ashes to Ashes')

How the colors and movements work has not been clarified in the tv show, or by show creators. However, it's said to be similar to checkers, reversi, or othello.

Katis Kot was once believed to be found in the Delta Quadrant, but not necessarily true. As of Star Trek Discovery, we find the game has been played even in the 23rd Century. Ensign Tilly was a regional Katis Kot champion (DIS Season 2, Episode 9, 'Project Daedalus').

Katis Kot enthusiasts include Seven of Nine, Neelix, and Naomi Wildman. Seven liked the green pieces. (VOY Season 7, Episode 2, 'Imperfection')

You can also find interpretations of the rules on the internet. Though not always in agreement, it's a simple game with surprising complexity.

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